Name: Tuks Stadium

Address: South Street, Hatfield Pretoria

GPS: -25.752726 , 28.247208

Capacity: The Tuks stadium accommodates 8000 patrons.

Floodlights: Yes

Media Facilities: 4 TV Booths, 10 Radio Booths, 20 Print Media. 6 Permanent TV Camera platforms

Disabled Access: Wheelchair access is provided on the South entrance of the stadium. The viewing platform is on the South Western Corner of the Stadium. Restroom facilities are at the Stadium Clubhouse or at the West stand.

Medical Centre: The stadium has a fully equipped medical centre on the West stand.

VIP Hospitality: Yes

Stadium Screen: There are 2 LED screens at the stadium. The screens are placed on the East stand and the North Grass Embankment.

Ticket Office: The stadium has 2 ticket offices. The ticket offices are situated outside the stadium on the North and the South.