We did not start the year in a manner that we had hoped, suffering three consecutive losses in a row. This is not good for us going to final half of the season.

Our preparation for the second round was no different to the previous year. Yes, we are having a poor run at the moment, with 17 points from 18 matches, sitting on 11th position on the log table, and yet to score a goal away from home. We create a lot of scoring chances and capitalise on them when we are playing at home, but we fail to do the same away and we concede goals. We need to keep pushing and not give up.

We have to work harder and give it our best in the coming matches, not be complacent and play till the end, be it at home or away from home.

With 12 games remaining, we need to keep fighting till we get it right and we believe that we can get it right; reduce the losses and get more wins. This will give us a chance to finish the league in a comfortable position.

We have been working hard at training, rectifying the mistakes we committed in the past games. I believe, as players we also need to come to the party, keep our heads high and fight for the club on the field of play. We will get it right.