God Speed - Prof

On Friday, 07 August 2015 AmaTuks hosted a meet and greet session with the Principal of the University of Pretoria Professor Cheryl De la Rey. 

Prof used the occasion to wish the team the very best for the new season and to assure the team that they have the full backing of the university. 

"There have been talks in the media regarding the team being sold and after discussions between myself and the board of the university the board made it clear that they will hear none of it, the team must remain fully owned by the university and our task is to find a sponsor for the team, not a buyer. 

This team has become so entrenched that even when other teams and other sporting codes play on campus, the commentators cannot help but call it the AmaTuks stadium. You should all as players be very proud to be part of this university, as this is one of the top universities in the country. Take full advantage of this environment, we will not hold it against you if we pay for your studies and you decide to leave the club. We are happy to see you leave with the necessary tools to prepare for life after football. We will always emphasize the importance of education, one of the important reasons that we wanted to keep the team was to demonstrate that you can have an education and still be a top super star athlete. having the football club is important for us as a university because we see sport as an important part of the complete educational offering of the university. We want our students to be well balanced. How this team and you as players conduct yourselves is important because this team carries the reputation of the university;" said Prof De la Rey.

Players in the team who have formal qualifications include Tebogo Monyai, who has a diploma in marketing from TUT Pretoria, Thabo Mnyamane who has a diploma in sport management from NWU Mafikeng, Thabiso Nkoana who has a diploma in information technology and Lennox Bacela who has a degree in financial management. Ronald Katjijere and Tristyn Coetsee are finishing their law degrees at the University of Pretoria and will both be graduating in September. 

She added "it is often when we are most challenged that we play our best football. Last season just when we thought all was lost, we played our best football and managed to pull ourselves out of the rut. Welcome to everyone who is new to our system and thank you to those who continue to walk the journey with us. We are well known for our development and for growing stars and I have no doubt that this will be our best season yet."